Risk and Reward

Fact or fiction?

It is true to say that the majority of wealthy individuals do not consider investment management as it is associated with risk on their hard earned savings. It is also true to say that the majority of people have never looked at the returns available within their own risk category.

What is risk?

It is a general rule that the more risk associated with an investment the greater the potential return. It is also true to say that the more risk associated with an investment, the greater the potential loss.

The most important aspect of investment to us at HFC is to ensure that your investment matches your attitude to risk and reward. Your attitude may change on different investments but we are extremely careful and will warn you if we feel it does not match your other investments.

Direct Equity or Collective Investments?

If researched, you will find that unless you are an ultra high net worth individual, investing directly in to individual shares is viewed as a higher risk/cost investment than collective funds and very few Private Banks use this method of investment as it can hinder investment performance.

At HFC the majority of investments are funds which are pooled together with other investors and institutions, maximising investment returns and reducing the risk on your funds.

There are also investments available which will provide excellent income whilst safeguarding or placing a small element of risk on your funds.


When we are considering investments for you we are very conscious of timescales and any future events which are planned within your lives. We would normally recommend a minimum investment period of 3-5 years depending on which product we have discussed.

Planning Review

We have assessed many different risk options and will work with you to ensure that your funds are invested as you wish. The investments are reviewed with you on a regular basis to ensure they meet your risk criteria and goals.


We use state of the art monitoring facilities to track each and every investment giving us immediate notice where any action needs to be taken.