What is a SSAS?

A Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) is a company pension scheme, the members of which are usually directors and key employees of the sponsoring employer. A SSAS, whilst subject to the same rules relating to contributions and benefits as a normal company arrangement, has considerably greater flexibility and control over the scheme�s investment policies and its underlying assets. In view of the wide investment powers, the Inland Revenue require a Pensioneer Trustee to oversee the scheme to ensure that it continues to invest within Inland Revenue guidelines. Other requirements of a SSAS are that only one scheme is permitted per employer and normally the scheme should have less than 12 members.

A further advantage of a SSAS is that they permit pensions to be paid from the funds to a backstop age of 75 without the need to purchase an annuity. This permits continued control and flexibility of investments up to that date. If you would like further details of annuity deferral please request our report by providing your details here.